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Cathy’s Pages website belongs to Cathleena Beams, aka “Cathy”.  That’s me.

Past Influence

As an adolescent, I had joyful inspirations to become a successful writer.  In addition, I wanted to be a Forest Ranger at one of the amazingly beautiful state parks in “colorful” Colorado.

I’ve had an extreme love for wildlife, mountains with magnificent views, lake fun, and recreation existing as far back as I can remember.

My parents enjoyed the serenity of the great outdoors.  Each summer our family went camping in the Rocky Mountains.  When I was in my pre-teens, my folks purchased a fish and ski boat from a neighbor who lived across the street from us.  A couple years later, my dad bought a newer boat that was a few feet longer.  We spent many warm weather weekends adventuring the lakes and reservoirs of Colorado.

One location we visited often was Granby Lake.  Granby absolutely was my favorite place.  Main attraction for me was found within the Arapahoe Bay campground area – This was the entrance to the Roaring Fork Loop trail.  I eagerly anticipated exploring its winding uphill path whenever we went to Granby.  The trail, 7.9 miles, is considered difficult.  It follows a roaring stream leading up to a waterfall.

Mom was aware of the trail’s magical allure for me.  After lunch, when dad was napping in the heat of the day, she’d take the three of us kids hiking along that trail.  We’d climb its rocky woodsy path until we reached a flowing shallow creek.

Mom called it our special place.  When we reached it, we’d roll up our pants, kick off our shoes and wade into ankle deep (for Mom) water.

Our incredible oasis contained the faint remains of a swept away bridge.  Beside where the missing wooden planks once had been, was a large tree that had fallen across the bank.  It stretched out ten or more feet atop the stream.  Exactly how far it reached, I can’t be certain since my recollection is from at least thirty-five years ago.

At our spot, my brothers and I carefully maneuvered barefoot along the log, holding tight to mom’s hand, until we reached its end.

To a child this place was as close to heaven as you could get.  It was fun and relaxing, worth the hour plus trek it took to reach our peaceful destination.  We never ventured further up the trail.  It was a strenuous walk for us just to reach this point.

Birds, squirrels, and chipmunks abounded.  We listened quietly, as mom instructed us, to the sounds of the surrounding forest.  In addition to the small creatures afore mentioned, you could hear frogs croaking, crickets chirping, dried leaves rustling, and the crack of small branches breaking as deer nearby walked about just out of sight.

If you made a noise, everything became still and silent for several minutes until the fearful wildlife felt safe enough to scurry around again.

What Happening Now

Although one day I hope to be able to say it does, currently writing isn’t how I pay my bills and earn a living.

In beginning stages, it costs money to get a website up and off the ground.  After that happens, then time must be invested in building a substantial amount of content and optimizing it so the search engines can find and index it.

I’m in the early phases of website development for Cathy’s Pages.  Knowing how important an About page is, I began with this page first.

Hopefully as I continue to build this site, you’ll want to follow along.  This will be a work in progress, changing as I learn the ropes, and as I improve.  Your input and feedback on this journey of discovery is welcome and highly encouraged.

Work on this site primarily will be done in the evenings due to my having a regular full-time job with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

I’m committed to writing and researching content for this website each week, so my dream won’t slip away as something I planned to do, but never did.

Dreams come true when you persist in bringing them to life.

Hopes & Plans

Vision for Cathy’s Pages is to publish an increasing collection of articles for the interest and enjoyment of my readers.  I hope to earn passive income through use of Google Adsense advertising and sales from related affiliate products.

Besides access to my articles, you may soon find on Cathy’s Pages, a Garden Shop.  I’ve been selling irises and daylilies on eBay since 2005 (always with 100% positive feedback).  I’m downsizing my collection, and will soon be putting together a price list with what’s available..


The group on Facebook, Iris Lovers, was suggested for me to create by a friend and fellow iris hybridizer, Margie Valenzuela.  We created Iris Lovers group for those that love irises to join us, post spectacular photos and share their passion for growing irises with others who have the same interest.  I’m proud to be the one who created Iris Lovers.  As of October 08, 2019, the group steadily has grown over its span of years to currently 9446 members.