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I'll let you in on a secret, I am new to WordPress Blogging and am still learning the ropes.  Currently I watch a lot of videos on You Tube on the subject of starting a successful blog.  One of the videos I recently watched (and there have been so many that I don't remember who that speaker was) mentioned hiring guest writers.  At the time, I didn't think much about this.  A little later, I hired a designer to create the logo for Cathy's Pages from Fiverr.  During the process, I noticed in addition to graphic designers, there were also content writers available.  Amazing was that cost for a basic post of 300 to 500 words for many of the writers was only $5.  Actually it's $5 plus a $2 service fee.  Still $7 for a blog post by someone more experienced than me that I can learn from is pretty cool.  I decided to hire out writing some of my blog posts on topics I would like to have more knowledge about.  Intermingled throughout my blog, you will be seeing posts from other writers besides me.  These will be on topics I am learning more about.  Some who are following my blog are fellow bloggers or people that are interested in starting a blog.  By including posts from subject matter experts, I hope to be helping others as well as myself.



Today, the quality of the content we share online is essential. Having a blog can turn out to be quite demanding if you don’t have previous experience in content creation. Also, even though you are a skilled writer, it is possible you won’t master the professional skills needed for creating a professional blog. No matter what the topic of your website might be, there are always several benefits of hiring professional content writing services. Read on to find out why you should consider having a professional writer for your blog. 


#1 Content writing services and SEO

One of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a professional writer for your blog is that this writer will have in-depth knowledge about efficient SEO practices. It is not enough to create a blog post and publish it. You will have to unnoticeably insert specific keywords to rank higher in search engine results.

Hence, hiring content writing services can help with this issue. Your blog writer will know how to target relevant keywords and how to use them in the text. Also, he or she will know how to structure the content for better user experience. With a specific audience in mind, these professional writing services can attract more traffic and readers to your blog. 


#2 Great content will make your blog an authority in the field

Authentic and creative content is what gets you the trustworthiness you seek in the online medium. Great blog posts can position you as an expert. So, the best blog writing services will come with writers who are also experts on your blog’s topic. In this way, you will be able to provide your online visitors precisely what they need. And in time, your blog will become the go-to source for similar information.


#3 Effective blog content and constant updates

Admit it! Sometimes it seems like you don’t have enough time, which is why you don’t have a posting schedule for your blog. But to make your blog noticeable, you will have to commit to sharing fresh content regularly. This is why hiring a professional content writer can be so beneficial for you.

This person will continuously seek to create new content and share it on a well-established program. In this way, your writer will create a habit for your readers, who, in turn, will visit your blog when the new content is expected to be published. Also, another benefit is that you will expand your subscriber’s database, which you can use for sending newsletters when you update your blog


#4 Hiring content writing services saves you time and money

Creating engaging blog content is not a task that can be done in five minutes. It requires time, research, and a lot of dedication. So, with the help of a professional writer, you will be able to focus on other tasks, such as creating a digital marketing strategy. Your content will be ready faster. And it will be shared with those that look for that type of information. And to tell the truth, it is cost-effective to hire a blog writer, as you can use the spare time to promote your blog.


#5 Content writing services come with content marketing strategy suggestions

Another benefit of hiring content writing services is that a well-seasoned writer will know what ideas to offer in regards to your content marketing strategy. Because of this person’s extensive experience in the field, those suggestions might turn out to be extremely helpful. A professional content creator goes beyond writing a simple text. This writer will set up the content, SEO optimize it, and work alongside you to develop the best content marketing strategy for your blog.


Creating a blog requires time and a lot of attention to details. And no matter if you have experience in writing or not, it is always a great idea to consider collaborating with a professional content writerWeb content writing services represent a long-term investment and can make your blog a valuable source of information. 


Author Attribution:  Yukanna (Fiverr).

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