Start Making Money – And Love How You Do It!

It’s almost 2020!  The time for setting our New Years goals is coming up and what’s a goal many people have?  Make more money.  A blog is a great way to that.  But where do you begin?  What are the steps that need to be taken to get a blog to work for you?

It’s not the easiest thing, but the payoff will be more than you can imagine.  These tips will help you greatly.  By doing your research, you are already on the right path.

What to Invest

Success rarely comes without investment.  Most of the rich and successful spent years honing their craft and getting it right.

The first thing to invest into your blog is time, preferably as much as possible.  Everyone has their obligations in life.  A mother whose child has just left for college will probably have more time than a woman who just had a baby and that’s perfectly okay.  Just devote as much free time as possible to your blog and watch it grow.

Another thing to invest in is advertising.  Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements earn small, passive income at first, but as your blog grows, so will those numbers.  Google AdSense is one of the many ways to accomplish this and can be added very simply.

Most people have something they are really interested in and for some, that might be your blog.  Each visitor is a potential subscriber, so setting up an email list is something very valuable to do within the first three months.  It takes people a lot less effort to enter their email into a little box than it does to search for your site again.  For those who sign up-a weekly email that details the latest post is the perfect balance to keep them excited without the mildly harassing daily email or the “almost forgettable” monthly email.

A final great investment to get into is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is great to get into once you have a nice, decent sized following.  Companies who want to sell more products can reach out to you and give you a link that can be embedded in a blog post or an advertisement.  Vice Versa, you can join an affiliate marketing group and get links that way.  When someone from your blog clicks on the link and buys a product, you get a commission.

And Once You Have a Nice Established Following…

Now we get to get into more fun things that you own!  It often takes a couple of years to get to this point, but it will be worth it.

Once your established, you can start making your own products.  These products can be anything.  T-shirts, planners, and jewelry all count.  Your products can even be digital.  Digital products have the benefit of easy distribution and often don’t require the factory warehouse sourcing that physical products do.  Apps are great example of a digital product.  So are Graphic design templates, and even copy templates.

Another thing to look at is writing a book.  If you have a big following, chances are many readers will be excited when you put a book out.  The book market is a daunting place, but there are several ways to get around that.  Self-publishing is a great example.  Amazon and others have programs for authors who want to do this, or if you already have an agent, that’s great!

Courses that are within your niche are also great.  An established following will be eager to learn more about what your blogging.  If you’re a fitness blogger, your morning fitness routine can be made into a course.  If you’re a food blogger, the same is true for your favorite set of recipes.  You are the expert in your field so share that knowledge.

Finally, one of the best ways to make income are sponsorships.  Sponsorships are given by bigger companies to people with a large, loyal following.  Influencers make tons of money by simply taking a picture with the brand.  A blog can go into detail about all the great things the product has to offer.

What to avoid

It seems so easy to build a successful blog, right?  If that were true, everyone would be doing it.  It seems that everyone is, but most people are making several small, but key mistakes that are harming their blog.

The first mistake is not defining your blog’s niche (topic).  When you’re trying to create your blog you need a specific, but broad topic that will give you content for years to come.  Sound confusing?  Some examples include food, fitness, or fashion.  Having something that’s too specific (for example, a blog on croissants) means that only readers who love that extremely specific topic will visit and you will struggle with content.  On the other hand, having a topic that is too broad, or having more than one will also drive readers away because they aren’t sure if you are what they’re looking for.

Another thing you want to do is make sure you have valuable content.  Readers can be obsessed with the topic your niche covers, but if the content doesn’t have any value, then they will leave.  In addition to having good content, the content needs to make sense.  Having a clear writing structure will take your work to the next level.

Earlier, it was mentioned that having email lists are great ways to drive traffic.  Not having one not only means no way to keep in touch with readers, but those who love your site and may have become a loyal follower won’t remember where to go.


A blog is an investment.  In order to grow, you will need to spend the time.  But, as you continue to develop, the payoff will be worth it.  Finally, if you were making the mistakes, that doesn’t mean your blog doesn’t have potential.  It just means now is a great time to start getting it on track.



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Attribution: elliejane453.  Ellie is an author who started blogging at the young age of 15.  She's a little older now, and in college.  In addition to her studies, Ellie writes for bloggers like me through her gig on Fiverr.

Benefits of Hiring A Content Writer


I'll let you in on a secret, I am new to WordPress Blogging and am still learning the ropes.  Currently I watch a lot of videos on You Tube on the subject of starting a successful blog.  One of the videos I recently watched (and there have been so many that I don't remember who that speaker was) mentioned hiring guest writers.  At the time, I didn't think much about this.  A little later, I hired a designer to create the logo for Cathy's Pages from Fiverr.  During the process, I noticed in addition to graphic designers, there were also content writers available.  Amazing was that cost for a basic post of 300 to 500 words for many of the writers was only $5.  Actually it's $5 plus a $2 service fee.  Still $7 for a blog post by someone more experienced than me that I can learn from is pretty cool.  I decided to hire out writing some of my blog posts on topics I would like to have more knowledge about.  Intermingled throughout my blog, you will be seeing posts from other writers besides me.  These will be on topics I am learning more about.  Some who are following my blog are fellow bloggers or people that are interested in starting a blog.  By including posts from subject matter experts, I hope to be helping others as well as myself.



Today, the quality of the content we share online is essential. Having a blog can turn out to be quite demanding if you don’t have previous experience in content creation. Also, even though you are a skilled writer, it is possible you won’t master the professional skills needed for creating a professional blog. No matter what the topic of your website might be, there are always several benefits of hiring professional content writing services. Read on to find out why you should consider having a professional writer for your blog. 


#1 Content writing services and SEO

One of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a professional writer for your blog is that this writer will have in-depth knowledge about efficient SEO practices. It is not enough to create a blog post and publish it. You will have to unnoticeably insert specific keywords to rank higher in search engine results.

Hence, hiring content writing services can help with this issue. Your blog writer will know how to target relevant keywords and how to use them in the text. Also, he or she will know how to structure the content for better user experience. With a specific audience in mind, these professional writing services can attract more traffic and readers to your blog. 


#2 Great content will make your blog an authority in the field

Authentic and creative content is what gets you the trustworthiness you seek in the online medium. Great blog posts can position you as an expert. So, the best blog writing services will come with writers who are also experts on your blog’s topic. In this way, you will be able to provide your online visitors precisely what they need. And in time, your blog will become the go-to source for similar information.


#3 Effective blog content and constant updates

Admit it! Sometimes it seems like you don’t have enough time, which is why you don’t have a posting schedule for your blog. But to make your blog noticeable, you will have to commit to sharing fresh content regularly. This is why hiring a professional content writer can be so beneficial for you.

This person will continuously seek to create new content and share it on a well-established program. In this way, your writer will create a habit for your readers, who, in turn, will visit your blog when the new content is expected to be published. Also, another benefit is that you will expand your subscriber’s database, which you can use for sending newsletters when you update your blog


#4 Hiring content writing services saves you time and money

Creating engaging blog content is not a task that can be done in five minutes. It requires time, research, and a lot of dedication. So, with the help of a professional writer, you will be able to focus on other tasks, such as creating a digital marketing strategy. Your content will be ready faster. And it will be shared with those that look for that type of information. And to tell the truth, it is cost-effective to hire a blog writer, as you can use the spare time to promote your blog.


#5 Content writing services come with content marketing strategy suggestions

Another benefit of hiring content writing services is that a well-seasoned writer will know what ideas to offer in regards to your content marketing strategy. Because of this person’s extensive experience in the field, those suggestions might turn out to be extremely helpful. A professional content creator goes beyond writing a simple text. This writer will set up the content, SEO optimize it, and work alongside you to develop the best content marketing strategy for your blog.


Creating a blog requires time and a lot of attention to details. And no matter if you have experience in writing or not, it is always a great idea to consider collaborating with a professional content writerWeb content writing services represent a long-term investment and can make your blog a valuable source of information. 


Author Attribution:  Yukanna (Fiverr).

Guest Post – A Short Conversation With The Younger Me

Hey, I know you are restless and confused, there is so much energy flowing through your veins, that you cannot comprehend where to channelize it. Life is full of insecurities and uncertainties, but it is beautiful too.

I know you are worried about your future, your unknown soulmate, and so many things you want to happen in your way, but they refuse to abide. I just want to say one thing to you, my lovable young soul, that everything is going to be just fine, in fact great.

Though I can tell you what is going to happen in your immediate future, trust me you would prefer not to know it. It is not because something bad is going to happen, instead, if we all know everything which is going to happen, our life would get boring and obvious.

The joy of life is in the pursuit of our dreams, and the experiences which we encounter in it.

There will be a time. When you will doubt yourself and get upset about things that are never going to happen. But I just want to tell you, that never doubt yourself, just keep going, and live each moment, by being your best.

Do meet people, they are scary sometimes, but we humans are a community, we cannot survive alone. Even if we get every luxury in this world, we need people to share that happiness. Hence, value them.

We are an emotional being, yes, we need accomplishments to reach success. But success is a very corporate term. All success gives us is happiness, but we need our friends and family to share it because it is the only way we can feel that success.

When you will get older and will look back towards this time, you won’t remember many things, but you will swim in the pool of your memories, which you will make with your loved ones and others as well.

Do believe in something, if it is hard to believe in any external thing, believe in yourself and keep going. Things will go haywire sometimes, but everything will be alright eventually.

Do help others whenever you can, and be compassionate to others, in the end, it won’t be about how much money you made, it will be about how many people you inspired.

Empower others sincerely, and enjoy the show of their success, happy face is the most beautiful scenery for us. I know, I might be sounding crazy to you, instead, you want to focus on how to impress your crush. *Hehe!

I would just say, go with full throttle, stay confident and be your best self, and you will find that your crush is already impressed. *Wynk.

I told you the secret, oops. I hope it won’t ruin the fun of accomplishing challenges, with hard work and passion. But, knowing the fact that you will win in the end, will not decrease the joy of success. Trust me, I am you only.

Author Attribution:  Rajan Sharma (Fiverr).