Guest Post – A Short Conversation With The Younger Me

Hey, I know you are restless and confused, there is so much energy flowing through your veins, that you cannot comprehend where to channelize it. Life is full of insecurities and uncertainties, but it is beautiful too.

I know you are worried about your future, your unknown soulmate, and so many things you want to happen in your way, but they refuse to abide. I just want to say one thing to you, my lovable young soul, that everything is going to be just fine, in fact great.

Though I can tell you what is going to happen in your immediate future, trust me you would prefer not to know it. It is not because something bad is going to happen, instead, if we all know everything which is going to happen, our life would get boring and obvious.

The joy of life is in the pursuit of our dreams, and the experiences which we encounter in it.

There will be a time. When you will doubt yourself and get upset about things that are never going to happen. But I just want to tell you, that never doubt yourself, just keep going, and live each moment, by being your best.

Do meet people, they are scary sometimes, but we humans are a community, we cannot survive alone. Even if we get every luxury in this world, we need people to share that happiness. Hence, value them.

We are an emotional being, yes, we need accomplishments to reach success. But success is a very corporate term. All success gives us is happiness, but we need our friends and family to share it because it is the only way we can feel that success.

When you will get older and will look back towards this time, you won’t remember many things, but you will swim in the pool of your memories, which you will make with your loved ones and others as well.

Do believe in something, if it is hard to believe in any external thing, believe in yourself and keep going. Things will go haywire sometimes, but everything will be alright eventually.

Do help others whenever you can, and be compassionate to others, in the end, it won’t be about how much money you made, it will be about how many people you inspired.

Empower others sincerely, and enjoy the show of their success, happy face is the most beautiful scenery for us. I know, I might be sounding crazy to you, instead, you want to focus on how to impress your crush. *Hehe!

I would just say, go with full throttle, stay confident and be your best self, and you will find that your crush is already impressed. *Wynk.

I told you the secret, oops. I hope it won’t ruin the fun of accomplishing challenges, with hard work and passion. But, knowing the fact that you will win in the end, will not decrease the joy of success. Trust me, I am you only.

Author Attribution:  Rajan Sharma (Fiverr).