How To Create Circle Photo’s In Photoshop For Your Blog, Website Or Social Media Profiles

My first circular photo creation
My first circular photo creation

To get the circular photo in Photoshop, I used the circular marquee tool while holding down the shift key to keep the circle perfectly round.

Then pressed CTRL+J to copy it to another layer.

After creating Layer 1, I deleted the background layer.

Saved the photo as a PNG instead of a JPEG file, so it would keep transparency for the background where the photograph isn't showing.  Otherwise (I read while researching) the edges surrounding the photo would be white instead of transparent.

On my first attempt I hadn't cropped, so the photo was all the way over on the right side with a bunch of white space to the left of it.

I pulled the PNG file back up in Photoshop and cropped.  That worked like a charm.