How To Capture Screenshots Using Windows 10 Snipping Tool And Convert Them To Images

Simple Instructions for capturing screenshots and turning them into JPEG photos for use on your blog.

For Windows 10 PC Users

You will need to be on the screen that you want the screenshot of.  Take your mouse to the bottom of your toolbar next to the windows icon where it says "Type here to search".

In the search box, type in the words Snipping Tool.

The App for the Snipping Tool will appear.  It has a pair of scissors next to it.  Select the tool and a window will come up with New, Mode, Delay, Cancel, and Options.  Select New.

A + sign will appear.  Position it at the left top corner of the screen that you want to capture and drag it down and across to form a box that encompasses the section you want in your image.

Next select File, then Save As.  At the top of the window it shows where on your computer the image will be saved to.  At the bottom of the window is File Name: Caption and Save As Type: JPEG file.  Change the name from Caption to whatever you would like to name your clip.  Keep the file type as a JPEG file.

For an example (see below).  I used the Snipping Tool to create this photo from my Facebook page.

Example Screen Shot

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