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Cathy's Pages website is owned and managed by me, Cathleena (aka, Cathy) Beams.

Protecting Your Privacy

Personal identification information you provide on Cathy's Pages is kept safe.  I will not sell or give your information to anyone else.  Unless of a legal situation where lawfully obligated to comply, I will not disclose records you've entrusted me with to others.

Analysis Tools

I use tools like Google Analytics to measure my site's performance.  What this means is algorithms (activities) of my online visitors are tracked and recorded.  I do this to determine your interests so I can spend more time and effort on what's worthwhile.  It's crucial to the success of my blog for content on Cathy's Pages to be engaging, high quality, and valuable.

Trending Google provides helps me to continually improve this site, it's products, and services offered.  I learn from Google's analysis reports behavioral patterns such as what pages are frequently visited, how long customers typically stay before they click away, and which ads generate the most traffic coming to this site.

Ads & Affiliate Products

Cathy's Pages uses affiliate programs and Google Adsense advertising to generate passive earnings.  You'll notice ads displayed strategically in various places such as posts, headers, footers, sidebars and widget areas throughout this site.  I strive to intermingle relative ads in a way that's beneficial.  To bring content to your fingertips you're interested in.

Some sites cram their pages full of obtrusive advertisements that distract from an enjoyable reading experience.  Most of us do not like sites that have a lot of irritating pop-ups.  You won't find that here on Cathy's Pages.

An enjoyable time for readers on this site is more important to me than inadvertent clicks or impressions that may bring in a penny or two.  I get frustrated with News websites that have reoccurring pop ups that are extremely difficult to close and keep redirecting readers unexpectedly to site they didn't plan to go to.  I'll do my best to make sure that sort of experience doesn't happen on Cathy's Pages.


I do an enormous amount of browsing the web researching articles and blog posts for information.  Sharing acquired knowledge with others that have similar dreams and passions is rewarding.  I hope topics chosen are helpful.

Please understand views and experiences shared on this site are my own and may not be perfect.  I try to ensure everything I write is true, yet potential for errors is an existing concern.  For this reason, do not take anything you've read on this site as advice being given.  You're solely responsible for choices you make while on this site as well as afterwards.

Before investing money in any opportunity, whether it's one you see on Cathy's Pages or elsewhere, carefully consider all the benefits and risks involved.  Explore and investigate to determine whether or not an offer is legitimate and the seller reputable before you invest any cash.

Reporting A Problem

It's emotionally painful to fall victim to the schemes and deceit of an online thief or scammer.  This happened to me in the past with a seller I purchased from on eBay.  Unfortunately, there's unscrupulous people in this world who will prey on the trust and vulnerability of another.

If an issue occurs as the result of an ad reflected on Cathy's Pages, please contact me to report it.  So I can stop the ad from reappearing on this website.

This Site Uses Cookies

HTTP cookies are small files that store specific information about your online browsing history and actions on your computer.  Web cookies can be enabled or disabled in the Internet Browser you use.

Websites deposit informational cookies on your computer as you interact on their sites.  You supply bits of data when you do things like fill out enrollment forms, provide your email address, or key in personal identification information.

These cookies are secure with the exception of privacy.

You can choose to disable the cookies in your browser, but it will limit actions you perform on websites and affects your online browsing capabilities.  A better option may be to adjust the settings in your browser to choose which sites can leave cookies on your computer and which ones you won't allow to.

For ease, speed and functionality most people leave web cookies enabled.