Site Development Tools

Products below were used to build Cathy's Pages.  If you're interested in starting your own blog, these are great resources to look into.

GODADDY WORDPRESS (Includes free domain name)

Blue Host recommendations are all over the place due to their affiliate program claiming to be the best priced, but they normally are not cheaper than Go Daddy.

You should be able to sign up with Go Daddy for WordPress for $12 your first year.  They run an Introductory offer that gives you an opportunity to learn before having to pay full price.

At time of purchase, if it's showing more than 1 year, you can reduce it down to a year.  You can also deselect charges for recommended additional things that are added to the cart in the checkout process.


Hire a designer to create your blog's logo.  You can have one professionally designed very cheaply.  Prices range from $5 upwards depending on who you choose.

Envision something incredible. No problem.  Browse to see the different designers with samples of their work.  Pick your person, pay through Fiverr, and within their specified period they'll upload the design for you.

I received my initial design within 24 hours.  After reviewing it, I recommended a couple minor revisions.  My designer sends revisions back within 24 hours.  If you agree my logo is awesome and would like to hire the same designer, here's their link on Fiverr:  SHABZ12


I use Photoshop to resize and edit my website photos.  You will want to use Photoshop or something similar for touching up and resizing your photos.  For all that Photoshop can do, I believe it's well worth it's inexpensive monthly cost.

Want to learn the basics for using it, check out this free You Tube video.