I have many ideas for the blog rolling around in my head.  Seems like the best ideas come during the night.  Then I'm scrambling in the morning making quick notes while in the process of getting ready for work.

Bare with me, I'm working a lot on the back end of the site currently.

At this stage in my life (I'm 53), I'm realizing time has kind of gotten away from me.  So many dreams over the years.  Some have been put into motion while others are on the back burner for later.

Taking time as much as possible during the week to just get busy working on this site.  It won't take form without my helping it along.


Sharing Plans For Cathy's Pages


The web is truly a maze of information.  Finding nuggets of value in the mass of all that's available is challenging, yet for what can be obtained I believe it's well worth the effort.

It fascinates me how much technologies and the internet have evolved over the last twenty years.  All these Apps (helping tools) we have now that do things most of us never imagined possible,

Near the end of 2018, I began searching for Apps you can make money with.  I had been spending a lot of time on my cell phone playing games in the evening after work.  I gravitate to relaxing on the sofa with phone in hand in the winter time.  I was at the top of the leader board for a piano game I'd been playing a bunch and it dawned on me I was wasting a lot of time I could do something more productive with.

While researching the web for apps you can earn real money with, I stumbled upon M1 Finance's stock app.  It had a good rating in the Play Store, and there were a few affiliate videos on You Tube promoting it.  The thing that caught my attention was you could invest in partial shares of stocks instead of full shares. I also liked the personal portfolio pies setup.  You choose which stocks to invest in and what percentage of your investment goes to each piece.

In January 2019, I invested $100 to fund my pie of chosen stocks with M1 Finance.  (This investment is aside from my regular job related 401K retirement savings).  The 401K had taken a drastic hit and I noticed it hadn't been performing well.  I wondered if I could do better at picking my own stock to invest in, and set out to test and see.

I started with about 20 different stocks.  I had researched for best performing ones before this time, jotting them down on a spreadsheet and tracking them for several weeks before choosing.  I reviewed trending patterns to aid in predicting their future outcomes to reduce how much risk.   In February, I cut my funded pie from the original 20 slices down to 8 top performers, In a month or two I brought it down again from 8 to 6.

The stock market is volatile, so I allowed my choices to ride for several months before checking on progress.  Results have been good.  During Tuesday's review this week, my stocks Performance reached a green indicator of 960%.  Also depicted was a line graph showing them climbing up, up and up, which was exciting to see.

On this site I'll be sharing how to articles on topics related to creating steams of passive income as well as other categories. I'm still coming up with a lot of ideas for the site.

It takes a while to get a website fully up and running.  I made it through the first few steps now and am continuing on to the next.

Successful people don't settle for less than what they truly want.  They keep striving to reach their goals until finally they do.  The wonderful thing is, we can do as they do.  Don't give up before you've won.  Then it will be worth every bit of effort you put into it to get to that point.

On my blog I am writing about what I learn in the hopes that by sharing my experiences and knowledge, I'm helping others.

A satisfying life is one that gives more than it takes.  One that cares more than doesn't.  One that assists more than turns away.

I hope the legacy I leave behind is a journey that will carry others to incredible places that make their hearts sing.

Currently, I'm researching ways to earn and save more.  The plan is to build our savings account, pay off debts, and then replace our old RV which needs more repairs than it's worth with something a little bit newer that doesn't require too much elbow grease to make road worthy.

5 years from now, I would like to retire, sell the house, travel and have a profitable blog going strong.

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What do you think?

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